☂ The lonliness it kills


Surprise! I wonder if anyone here still remembers me :P I've been off lj for like...2 years?

Things has changed so much during the past few years. I'm in med school now and pretty much don't have free time. Life is pretty good still, just studying and hanging out with my close group of friends. I rarely watch any animes and reading any manga. I miss my fandoms but at the same time, I also feel like they're not that interesting anymore. I still follow some works by CLAMP, their works, however, are repeating and kinda boring as of the moment.
I still follow bleach manga, it's quite fun sometimes. Still a ichiruki fan :)

I kinda grow out of anime cultures and manga. I still read shoujo from times to times, they're cute and entertaining but that's it. They lighten my mood for a bit then nothing more.

Reading back my entries is fun. I used to be so bored all the time xD Aaah good times though. I'm still glad I got to know anime and manga cultures, I still enjoy them a lot. Two classic series I'll never forget are honey and clover and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood :)

I may stop posting about manga and anime, but i'll post about medical school from times to times. It's been interesting. It's my 2nd year in med school now and we got to work on the cadavers. I experienced all kind of emotions and such, but now it becomes like a everyday thing to me.